Organisation in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2015


There are more than eight million Palestinian refugees in the world. The vast majority live in Arab countries, mainly neighbouring Palestine, with smaller numbers scattered in different parts of the world. They all live under extremely challenging conditions that differ according to the host country’s socio-economic conditions and political climate; but include inadequate access to provisions, general treatment and attitudes and protection of human rights.

More than six decades have passed since the displacement of these refugees from their homes under Zionism. However they still continue to suffer and live under miserable conditions with no respite. So far, Arab and international efforts have failed to bring this suffering to an end due to Israel’s intransigence compounded by American assistance to Israel and support for its occupation. Arab countries have also failed to address this historical injustice and take a balanced commensurate response to the severity of the refugee question, including the Palestinian cause in general.

This book, Palestinian Refugees in the Arab World: Realities and Prospects looks at the most significant aspects of the Palestinian refugee and explores the future possibilities of their plight through studies and papers presented by a group of experts and researchers.


Salman Abu Sitta              
Mounir Chafiq   
Mohsen M. Saleh
Ibrahim Al-Ali     
Basheer Al-Zoughbi        
Jawad Al-Hamad
Magda Qandil    
Abdennour Benantar     
Hanin Abou Salem
Mariam Itani      
Adnan Abu Amer             
Terry Rempel           
Tarek Hamoud  
Mohammed Mushanish               
Ali Hweidi
Adeeb Ziadeh                                    
Yousef Abu Ossuood      
Yassir Ahmad Ali

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