Organisation in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2015

For thousands of years the Bedouin people have made their home in Palestine. But for almost the last six decades, the Palestinian Bedouin have been on the move, repeatedly relocated to make room for Israeli settlements.
Historically, Palestinian refugees, wherever they have sought temporary sanctuary following the ethnic cleansing of their country by the 19th century Zionist colonial enterprise, and pending their return to Palestine, have insisted on avoiding local and international conflicts while seeking a modicum of interim civil rights from the host countries.
21 May 2013 – Health programmes carried out by the United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees has helped to improve their lives, but greater efforts and more resources are needed to effectively tackle health challenges, particularly during times of conflict, says a new report.
In December 2012, thousands of Palestine refugees fled air strikes, clashes and shelling in Yarmouk camp, Damascus, seeking shelter in UNRWA buildings. Among them are people like 45-year-old Nidal, currently sheltering in UNRWA’s Damascus Training Centre. A long-term sufferer of hypertension and diabetes, Nidal is unable to afford life-saving medicine.
Israeli ambassador and other Zionist leaders at the U.N met last week to discuss ways on how to revoke the internationally-recognized right of return of Palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes in historical Palestine in 1948 and 1967.
The United Nations today strongly condemned attacks on Palestinian children in Syria and renewed its call on all parties to the conflict in the Middle Eastern country to cease violence in residential areas to prevent harming refugees and civilians.
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