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 5613122-3x2-700x467Around 604 Palestinians have been confirmed dead since the start of Israeli war against Gaza. More than 3790 have been wounded. The number is dramatically increased around the clock as Israel continues to target many civilian parts across Gaza. Hospitals, schools, Mosques and civilian houses are becoming the key targets for Israel in Gaza.



Most of the casualties are families that were safe in their houses, yet the Israeli indiscriminate bombing left many of them dead.

The family of Abu Jami, formed of 25 members were eliminated in one Israeli air strike. Members of the extended family including babies, old men and women gathered at the family house in south of Gaza before an Israeli F16s turned the house into rubble. Many of the bodies are still burred under the rubble.


More than 60 families were killed whilst living in their houses such as Shihaber, Siyam, Kwari, Alhalaq and many others.

Israel seems to target civilians to put pressure on Hamas and to achieve any moral win as Palestinian factions continue to retaliate and fire rockets at Israel.


Over the weekend, a heinous massacre was committed in Al Shijaya neighbourhood eastern Gaza city leaving 75 dead, 450 wounded. Many bodies are still under the rubble of the houses.


According to the survivors, Israeli artillery shell rained down in entire streets such as Al Nazaz, Al Mansoura and Al Bailtyaji.

Survivors and other residents of Al Shijaya neighbourhood have already fled the areas and they live in temporary refugee camps within the UNRWA schools.


UNRWA has announced that it needs an urgent fund to support the projects of relieving those refugees. The agency doesn’t have the required capabilities to deal with the huge number of refugees.


“UNRWA has launched an emergency flash appeal for US$ 60 million to respond to the urgent and pressing humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza, including the thousands who have already fled their homes to seek safety in UNRWA facilities. New funding will enable UNRWA to respond to the immediate shelter, food, health and psychosocial needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs), while replenishing emergency supplies and preparing for vital interventions necessary after a cessation of military activities. The emergency response phase is expected to last for one month, and the early recovery a further three to six months.” Said UNRWA


As of the medical conditions in Gaza, the ministry of health announced last week that health sector is collapsing due to lack of medications and medicines.


Israel has bombed Suhada’ Al aqsa hospital central Gaza leaving 4 dead and more than 70 wounded; most of them are patients.


Source: Palestine telegraph

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