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Palestinian Nakba In Pictures.
The Nobel Prize of Literature Jose Saramago compares the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation as the same suffering of the jews in the Nazi boot camps.
By Issa Nakhla - The first major massacre in the 1948 War was the massacre of Deir Yassin on April 9110, 1948. It was designed to spread terror and panic among the Palestinian population in every city and village of Palestine in order to frighten them into fleeing, so that their homes and land could be confiscated for the use of Jewish colonialist settlers. The tactics of the Zionist Jews were to frighten defenseless people into fleeing their homes out of fear for their lives.
1.       Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe. It is used to describe the Palestinian loss of land and property during the depopulation of Palestine from 1947-1949 and does not refer simply to the declaration of a state of Israel.
  A legal Point of View: Compiled and Written by: Mahmoud Hanfi for the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and The Palestinian Organization for Human Rights (Shahid). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified on the 10th of December 1948. December is also the anniversary of  UN Resolution  194, calling for and protection  the return of Palestinian refugees. The month is also very special for Palestinians as it marks the establishment of UNRWA in 1949. 
29 of November 1947Between the UN 181 Resolution (Partition Resolution) and the international day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
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