Organisation in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2015


Septmeber 2016, Oral Stement during Item 7 HRC33



On September 23rd the Palestinian Return Centre addressed the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council during the general debate of Item 7 which covers the human rights situation in Palestine and other Occupied Arab territories. 


See here the full statement







Septmeber 2016, Side event on Israel's Settlements in the OPT at UN Human Rights Council (HRC33):


On Septmber 22nd 2016 the Palestinian Return Centre hosted a side event co-sponsored by Human Rights Watch at the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, which focused on Israel's settlments in the OPT.


See more here


Septmeber 2016, Oral Statement to Item 3&5 Clustered ID at HRC33


On September 20th the PRC delivered an oral statement during Item 3&5 Clustered ID with Special Rapporteur on indigenous peoples and the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indegenous People (EMRIP). 

See here for more info


Septmeber 2016, Seminar on Palestinian Refugees from Syria at UN Human Rights Council (HRC33):




On Septmber 19th 2016 the Palestinian Return Centre and the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria hosted a side event at the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva titled 'Palestinian Refugees in Syria: Victims of Torture and Enforced Disappearance. 

The event focused on the situation of Palestinian Refugees living in Syria and the impacts of the war on them, in particular the issue of torture victims who are being killed everyday.



June 2016, Seminar on Palestinian Refugees from Syria at UN Human Rights Council (HRC32):



On June 16 the Palestinian Return Centre hosted a side event at the 32nd Human Rights Council in Geneva on the unique vulnerability of Palestinian Refugees from Syria.

The event focused on the anomaly that is the Palestinian Refugee status and how it affects Palestinians fleeing the Syrian civil war. At the same time it was discussed the human rights violations on those Palestinian still trapped in Syria.


See more here


June 2016, Seminar on Gaza Strip at UN Human Rights Council (HRC32):



The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) hosted its second side event at the 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The event focused on the human rights situation in the Occupied Gaza Strip. PRC’s latest policy brief was launched and hard copies were available at the event.


See more here




June 2016, Written Statement to Item 4 of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC32):



Read our statement on Palestinian Refugees from Syria




June 2016, Written Statement to Item 4 of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC32):



Read our statement on Palestinian Refugees from Lebanon





June 2016, Written Statement to Item 7 of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC32):




Read the statement here


May 2016, World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul:



Palestinian Return Centre participation at the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey.

See more here


April 2016, 49th Session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD49) in New York: 


The theme of this year’s commission is “Strengthening the demographic evidence base for the Post-2015 development agenda”. The Palestinian Return Centre is convinced that strengthening the demographic evidence base is vital to realizing the post-2015 development agenda since this would help address root causes of poverty, inequality and injustice.

The Declaration of the 2030 agenda highlights the vulnerability of migrants, refugees and internally displaced people, and emphasizes that forced displacement and related humanitarian crises threaten to reverse much of the development progress made in recent decades.

PRC believes that the commission should pay particular attention to the Palestinian refugee problem, which still remains unresolved as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is still responsible for providing assistance and protection for 5 million displaced Palestinians throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. 

See more here



March 2016, 31st UN Human Rights Council in Geneva



PRC side event on Israeli house demolitions in the OPT at UN HRC31 in Geneva.


See more here 


February 2016, 31st UN Human Rights Council in Geneva



PRC's submits a written statement to Item 7 of the 31st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


Read the statement here  


September 17th 2015, side event at 30th UN Human Rights Council in Geneva


This side event facilitated discussion on the financial challenges facing UNRWA, the effects of these challenges on UNRWA’s ability to protect and assist the Palestinian refugees. The repercussions on Palestinian refugees and why the right of return remains immensely important as a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.

See more here 


September 2015, 30th UN Human Rights Council in Geneva:

PRC's Director Majed Al-Zeer deliver's an oral statement to the Member States during Agenda Item 7: the Human Rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. Al-Zeer reaffirmed on the need to end the plight of Palestinian refugees by implementing the right of return in accordance with international law and related UN resolutions.









Over 107 European Parliamentarians call on ECOSOC to approve Palestinian Return Centre's NGO Consultative Status


On Granting the Palestinian Return Centre UN Consultative Status

To: ECOSOC Member States

CC: European Block


We, the undersigned, express our utmost support for granting the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) UN NGO Consultative status.



Earlier in June 2015, the UN’s Committee on NGOs recommended that the PRC be granted UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status. The PRC was granted this status through a vote where twelve states voted in favour, three voted against, and three abstained.


The PRC is one of the very few NGOs working in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and the Diaspora that is dedicated to finding a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem in accordance with international law, international human rights declarations, and the many UN resolutions including Resolution 194.


The PRC has been active in Europe since 1996. It is an independent consultancy focusing on the historical, political, and legal aspects of Palestinian refugees. It specialises in the research, analysis, and monitoring of issues pertaining to the dispersed Palestinians and their internationally recognised legal right to return.


The centre has a long history of working with parliamentarians in Europe, including oganising delegation visits to the Middle East to observe the conditions faced by Palestinian refugees. 


We call on the ECOSOC member states – In their July 2015 meeting – to approve the status given to PRC by the initial recommendation of the ECOSOC NGO committee during its May session.  

By having this status, PRC will boost the basic human rights activities in favour of the Palestinian refugees who suffer on a daily basis.

Undersigned by:


MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis

MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis, MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis (Greece) (Vice-President of the European Parliament)




MEP Alfred Sant Malta Former Prime Minister of Malta

MEP Alfred Sant (Malta) (Former Prime Minister of Malta)

MEP Ivo Vajgl Slovenia Former Foreign Minister of Slovenia 

MEP Ivo Vajgl (Slovenia) (Former Foreign Minister of Slovenia)


MP Mark Durkan (N. Ireland) (Former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland)


MEP Inaskun Bilbao Barandica Spain Vice-Chair of ALDE MEP Inaskun Bilbao Barandica (Spain) (Vice-Chair of ALDE )

MEP Josep-Maria TerricabrasMEP Josep-Maria Terricabras (Spain) (Vice-Chair of Greens/EFA)

martinaandersonMEP Martina Anderson (Ireland) (Chair, Delegation for relations with Palestine)


MEP Afzal Khan UK Vice-Chair Security and Defence CommitteeMEP Afzal Khan (UK) (Vice-Chair, Security and Defence Committee)


MEP Marisa MatiasMEP Marisa Matias (Portugal) (Chair, Delegation for relations with the Mashreq)


MEP Estefania Torres Martinez SpainMEP Estefania Torres Martinez (Spain)


MEP Bart Staes NetherlandsMEP Bart Staes (Belgium)


albiol-marina-360x240MEP Marina Albiol Guzman (Spain)


MSP Sandra White ScotlandMSP Sandra White (Scotland)


TD Clare Daly Ireland

TD Clare Daly (Ireland)


Lord Hugh Dykes UKLord Hugh Dykes (UK)


MSP Claudia Beamish ScotlandMSP Claudia Beamish (Scotland)


Baroness Ruth Lister UKBaroness Ruth Lister (UK)

MEP Jude Kirton-Darling UKMEP Jude Kirton-Darling (UK)

MEP Paul Brannen UKMEP Paul Brannen (UK)


Gerald-Kaufman-006Sir Gerald Kaufmann (UK)


MEP Javier Nart SpainMEP Javier Nart (Spain)

Baroness Nual OLoan N. IrelandBaroness Nual O’Loan (N. Ireland)

Former MEP Inaki Irazabalbeita SpainFormer MEP Inaki Irazabalbeita (Spain)

David-Norris 1Senator David Norris (Ireland)


TD Michael McCarthy IrelandTD Michael McCarthy (Ireland)


MEP Miguel Viegas PortugalMEP Miguel Viegas (Portugal)

MEP Ines Zuber PortugalMEP Ines Zuber (Portugal)


MEP Joao FerreiraMEP Joao Ferreira (Portugal)


MSP Jim Hume ScotlandMSP Jim Hume (Scotland)


MEP Jordi Sebastia SpainMEP Jordi Sebastia (Spain)

TD John Halligan IrelandTD John Halligan (Ireland)


AM Alun Ffred JonesAM Alun Ffred Jones (Wales)

MEP Angela Vallina SpainMEP Angela Vallina (Spain)


Former MEP Alexandra Thein GermanyFormer MEP Alexandra Thein (Germany)

Jill Evans web

MEP Jill Evans (UK)

MEP Klaus Buchner GermanyMEP Klaus Buchner (Germany)

MEP Sofia Sakorafa GreeceMEP Sofia Sakorafa (Greece)

ana gomesMEP Ana Gomes (Portugal)

Senator Jim Walsh IrelandSenator Jim Walsh (Ireland)

MSP Richard Simpson ScotlandMSP Richard Simpson (Scotland)


MP Paul Maskey  Ireland on behalf of all Sinn Fein MPsMP Paul Maskey (Ireland, on behalf of all Sinn Fein MPs)

MP Conor Murphy

MP Conor Murphy

MP Francie MolloyMP Francie Molloy

MP Michelle GildernewMP Michelle Gildernew

MP Pat DohertyMP Pat Doherty         

TD Sean Crowe  Ireland on behalf of all Sinn Fein TDs

TD Sean Crowe (Ireland, on behalf of all Sinn Fein TDs)

TD Aengus Ó SnodaighTD Aengus Ó Snodaigh

TD Brian StanleyTD Brian Stanley

TD Caoimhghín Ó CaoláinTD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin

TD Dessie Ellis

TD Dessie Ellis

TD Gerry AdamsTD Gerry Adams

Jonathan-OBrienTD Jonathan O'Brien

TD Martin FerrisTD Martin Ferris

TD Mary Lou McDonald

TD Mary Lou McDonald

TD Michael ColreavyTD Michael Colreavy

TD Pádraig Mac LochlainnTD Pádraig Mac Lochlainn

TD Peadar Tóibín TD Peadar Tóibín

TD Pearse Doherty

 TD Pearse Doherty

TD Sandra McLellanTD Sandra McLellan

MLA Pat Sheehan Ireland on behalf of all Sinn Fein MLAsMLA Pat Sheehan (Ireland, on behalf of all Sinn Fein MLAs)

MLA Alex MaskeyMLA Alex Maskey

MLA Bronwyn McGahanMLA Bronwyn McGahan

MLA Caitríona RuaneMLA Caitríona Ruane

MLA Carál Ní ChuilínMLA Carál Ní Chuilín

MLA Cathal BoylanMLA Cathal Boylan

MLA Cathal Ó hOisínMLA Cathal Ó hOisín

MLA Daithí McKayMLA Daithí McKay

MLA Fra McCann

MLA Fra McCann

MLA Gerry KellyMLA Gerry Kelly

MLA Ian MilneMLA Ian Milne

MLA Jennifer McCannMLA Jennifer McCann

MLA John ODowdMLA John O'Dowd

MLA Maeve McLaughlinMLA Maeve McLaughlin

MLA Martin McGuinness

 MLA Martin McGuinness

   MLA Megan Fearon MLA Megan Fearon

MLA Michaela BoyleMLA Michaela Boyle

MLA Michelle ONeillMLA Michelle O'Neill

MLA Mickey BradyMLA Mickey Brady

MLA Mitchel McLaughlinMLA Mitchel McLaughlin

MLA Oliver McMullan

MLA Oliver McMullan

MLA Phil FlanaganMLA Phil Flanagan

MLA Raymond McCartneyMLA Raymond McCartney

MLA Rosaleen McCorleyMLA Rosaleen McCorley

MLA Sean LynchMLA Sean Lynch

MLA Sue RamseyMLA Sue Ramsey

MEP Martina Anderson Ireland on behalf of all Sinn Fein MEPsMEP Martina Anderson (Ireland, on behalf of all Sinn Fein MEPs)

MEP Liadh Ni RiadaMEP Liadh Ni Riada

MEP Lynn BoylanMEP Lynn Boylan

MEP Matt CarthyMEP Matt Carthy


Former Vice President of the European ParliamentLuisa Morgantini, Former Vice President of the European Parliament

Hillevi Larsson S Swedish Parliment

Hillevi Larsson S, Swedish Paraliment

Baroness Jenny Tonge of Kew

Baroness Jenny Tonge of Kew, UK House of Lords

MEP Malin Bjork

MEP Malin Bjork (Sweden) (Vice-Chair of GUE/NGL)

MEP Bodil Valero

MEP Bodil Valero (Sweden)

Members of British Parliament      


Rushanara Ali MP

Dr. Roberta Blackman-Woods MP

Dr. Roberta Blackman-Woods MP

Ben Bradshaw MP

Ben Bradshaw MP

Richard Burden landscape

Richard Burden MP

Jim Cunningham MP

Jim Cunningham MP

Mark Hendrick MP

Mark Hendrick MP

Gerald Kaufman MP

Gerald Kaufman MP

Andy McDonald MP

Andy McDonald MP

Grahame Morris MP

Grahame Morris MP


Yasmin Qureshi MP

Andy Slaughter MP

Andy Slaughter MP

Mark Williams MP

Mark Williams MP

caroline lucas

Caroline Lucas MP


Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP

Jeremy corbyn MP

Jeremy corbyn MP

Alex Cunningham MP

Alex Cunningham MP

Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP

Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP

Stephen Kinnock MP

Stephen Kinnock MP 

More names to be added       





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