Organisation in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2015



London – Tuesday 31th January 2017


As part of its efforts to reach out for the different UK political parties, the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) met last week with Conservative MP Philip Hollobone.


PRC delegation which met with Hollbone comprised head of Communication Sameh Habeeb and Researcher Pietro Stefanini.


The meeting discussed the current political developments affecting the Arab-Israeli conflict in light of the regional and internal changes.


Mr. Habeeb expressed concerns over the ongoing and rapid "illegal" Israeli settlement activities which confiscated massive shared from the West Bank. Habeeb added that the current Conservatives government is demanded more than ever to pressure Israel to halt such activities and abide by International and the UN resolutions.


The Centre thanked Philip Hollbopne MP for his positive stances on Palestine and the many balanced statements he said earlier. 


It is worth noting that PRC have met with dozens of MPs over the past few weeks to brief on the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories. Meetings were held with Caroline Lucas MP, Alex Cunningham MP, John Pugh MP, Stephen Kinnock MP, Ben Bradshaw MP, Mark Williams MP, Desmond Swayne MP, the office of Julian Brazier MP and Mark Hendrick MP.

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