Organisation in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2015

PUBLIC RELATIONS The PRC attaches special importance to public relations and the establishment of contact with opinion, policy and decision-makers in the United Kingdom. Toward this end, it lobbies members of parliament and informs them of its concerns about matters which directly or indirectly affect the dispersed Palestinians. The Centre continually strives to invite members of parliament to attend its various activities and provides them with its publications and informs them of the latest developments. Ever since its inception PRC has maintained a favorable relationship with members of the UK parliament in raising awareness of the plight of Palestinian refugees. This relationship has allowed PRC to organize effective workshops and seminars in major political institutions. As part of its ongoing mission to increase public awareness about the refugee problem and the right of return, the Centre has, since 1996, organized dozens of conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars in which it hosts many internationally acclaimed scholars, commentators, and diplomats. The PRC organized a number of conferences tackling key issues. It's conference on the right of return and resistance to settlement brought together Ministers from Europe and the Middle East, academics and many participants from across the world. A key commitment of the PRC is organizing an annual conference in Europe which brings together thousands of Palestinians in remembrance of the Nakba and to tackle issues around their diasporas. Eminent personalities from Palestine and across Europe participate in a conference that brings together up to Seven Thousand people. There is a large representation of intellectuals, writers, media figures, and artists from various locations of the Palestinian Diasporas. Several key Palestinian institutions, associations and federations in Europe also take part. This key initiative allows Palestinians in Europe to feel a sense of community and nationhood which has been denied to them for so long. The colorful demonstration of culture and solidarity speaks volumes about their history and nation and shows to the world audience their strong desire to stand together against their continual dispossession. PUBLICATIONS The Palestinian Return Centre publishes two periodicals; a fortnightly analysis newsletter in Arabic called "Al Awdah" and a related English journal called the "Return Review." Both publications are widely distributed to individual subscribers and institutions in the United Kingdom, Europe and other parts of the world. The ongoing increase of our readership, both locally and internationally, is in many ways a testimony to the accurate reporting and in-depth analyses provided by our London staff writers and regional correspondents in Damascus, Beirut, and Nablus. Additionally, the PRC initiated an Occasional Studies Series of publications on the right of return. These are for the most part papers presented at seminars and lectures organized by our Centre. By popular demand we have recently released the second revised edition of Dr. Salman Abu Sitta's "Palestinian Right to Return ... Sacred, Legal and Possible." Other publications in this Series include Dr. Ahmad Sidqui al Dajani's "Britain's Obligations Towards the Arabs Concerning Palestine and Ibrahim Dirwish's (ed.) "Khamsun Aman Min al Nakba, Matha Ba'd"? The latter constitutes the proceedings of a one-day seminar organized by the Centre to mark the fiftieth year of the Nakba. We have also published books and DVDs that are available for purchase from this website from the resources section. These books and DVDs provide a detailed analysis of different dimensions of the plight of the refugees. REPORTS AND PRESS RELEASE The PRC when required also sends out regular press releases on any new development to the conflict, expressing its views and recommendations. It also publishes reports on any given topical issue for our audiences in order to provide detailed information on the subject and also offers a broad analysis.
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